Meet Coconut Minima

It’s not always easy to find someone who understands learning and can write well. Coconut Minima offers both, wrapped up in a flexible and dependable package – and delivered with a smile.

The person behind Coconut Minima is me, Stephanie. After a lifetime of loving writing and doing it well, and nigh on a decade honing my skills as an instructional designer and online learning consultant in some of the best teams around, I set up shop in 2015. Since then I’ve been providing freelance writing and learning design services to a variety of clients.

Finding someone who’s a great copywriter, has excellent knowledge of digital learning and aligns with our values is tough…Stephanie has ticked every box and more!

Charlotte Curl (Elucidat)

Brilliantly-written content, for and about learning

When you work with Coconut Minima, you know you’re getting writing that’s perfectly pitched for your audience and message – your voice, our words – combined with award-winning learning design skills.

Learning design

Learning design has been my bread and butter for over a decade. I’ve written content on everything from improving personal brand to data privacy, from diversity and inclusion to financial management methodologies.

In 2010, less than three years after I discovered e-learning was a thing, I won the very first Instructional Designer of the Year award at what is now the LPI’s Learning Awards.


Alongside all things learning, I’ve worked in broadcast journalism and even dabbled in a little fashion journalism. When it comes to writing compelling content that delivers, I can turn my hand to pretty much anything.

Need a regular contributor to your corporate blog, someone to write a one-off report, or copy for your website and marketing materials? I can help.


Sometimes all you need is a second brain, a fresh pair of eyes and a bit of advice.

I’ve worked in-house and supplier-side, so have both breadth and depth of experience. I can help you set the direction for learning in your organisation, create the concept for a particular initiative, or provide recommendations for updating and improving your existing learning content.

Stephanie is both creative and methodical. She has great ideas and is a fantastic writer.

James McLuckie (GoodPractice)

Stephanie has a real flair and passion for storytelling. Her writing skills are stand-out.

Kirstie Greany (Elucidat)

Her work was truly exceptional [and] people invariably enjoyed working with her.

Nick Shackleton-Jones