Useful content fast with smartphones and Twitter.

Video isn’t as ‘hot’ a topic as it once was in learning circles (according to Don Taylor’s Global Sentiment Survey) in large part because it’s become business as usual. In some form, it’s surely part of the repertoire of every L&D team, provider, professional, by now?

But while it may be dropping down the rankings behind shiny new technologies and concepts, a hot topic it undeniably remains. Conferences still dedicate sessions to it, we still talk about it on Twitter… The conversation (along with expectations and opportunities) is evolving and expanding.

I recently wrote a post for the Elucidat blog with some ideas for using video in learning, whatever budget and technology is available to you. You can read that post in full here.

Today I came across a Twitter discussion that both echoes and illustrates some of what I wrote in that post. Nick Welch is a brilliant film-maker, full of technical tips and creative ideas. He challenged some of my former colleagues to share – via video – three top tips for using and creating video, and they did so: quickly (Gemma Critchley responded to the challenge within four hours), concisely (the videos last under a minute each) and at no cost (just using their mobile phones and a quiet spot wherever they happened to be).

Some things I love about this are:

  • Useful content being created and shared in a matter of minutes.
  • No scripting, no scheduling; just people sharing the benefit of their experience.
  • Practical tips delivered clearly and concisely trumping high production values.

And of course the content is also useful for anyone looking to develop their skills in this area. I especially love Gemma’s tip about inspiration.

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