Working with Coconut Minima

Here’s a taster of what working with Coconut Minima is like, from the people who matter – the clients, and some former colleagues.

I first approached Stephanie on the basis of the blogs she wrote about learning, which demonstrated a rare level of insight, sophistication and sensitivity regarding the topic. I subsequently managed Stephanie for four years whilst at BP, and her work was truly exceptional. Essentially Stephanie was operating as an internal consultant, and feedback from clients was incredibly good in every case. I believe this is because she combines great listening skills and interpersonal subtlety with deep subject-matter expertise and a keen intellect. Her attention to detail and diligence meant that people invariably enjoyed working with her, and considered her a ‘safe pair of hands’.

Nick Shackleton-Jones (Author, ‘How People Learn’)

Working with Stephanie is fantastic! Finding someone who’s a great copywriter, has excellent knowledge of digital learning and aligns with our values is tough…and Stephanie has ticked every box and more! Her writing style is super clear and engaging and her blogs get consistently great engagement. Beyond that, she’s responsive and great at keeping in touch regarding new projects and briefs. I’d highly recommend Stephanie!

Charlotte Curl (Head of Marketing, Elucidat)

Stephanie possesses the valuable combination of excellent writing skills alongside a deep understanding of learning. She took time to ask about and understand my style of writing and I was very impressed by her ability in her writing to adopt my tone of voice, to the extent that I was largely unable to distinguish what she had written from my own words. In addition, Stephanie has for several years chaired sessions are Learning Technologies conferences. Her diligent, collaborative approach to working with speakers, and her thoughtful feedback, ensures conference attendees really draw value from the sessions.

Donald H Taylor

I have always looked to Stephanie for sound opinions on learning design and writing. She is both creative and methodical, which is (I have discovered) a very rare combination. She is very dedicated, has great ideas, and is a fantastic writer. She’s also a thoroughly nice person to work with. I would recommend Stephanie unreservedly.

James McLuckie (Learning & Performance Solutions Director, Good Practice)

Stephanie brought her experience, fantastic communication style and design know-how to the table for us and created some fab learning design ‘Masterclass’ tutorials that we now happily share with customers and on our website. Stephanie has a real flair and passion for storytelling, and that was a key focus for one of the Masterclasses. But she can also turn her hand to more practical and process-driven areas, like the steps needed to assure quality in learning projects. She’s super easy to work with: you can trust that she’ll take a brief and not only create something great but that she’ll bring her own smart ideas and experience to it too. Her writing skills are stand-out.

Kirstie Greany (Learning Consultant, Elucidat)

At Saffron, we’ve always aimed to deliver first-rate experiences – not just for the learners but also for our customers’ project teams. Stephanie has been instrumental in helping to set a high standard on both fronts.

She’s rightly very well respected by clients for her dedication to customer care, her attention to detail and for delivering on the commitment she makes.

Nick Simons (Saffron Interactive)
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